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2021 Open Positions

Learn about the open positions for HPA The Catalyst's 2021 elections below.

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Director of Operations | HPA Nominating Committee Member | GHSIG Nominating Committee Member | TechSIG Nominating Committee Member | GHSIG Programming Chair 

HPA Director of Operations

Term: 3 years

General Job Description:

  1. Perform assigned duties of member of HPA The Catalyst Board of Directors 

  2. Explain mission, policies, programs, and needs of HPA The Catalyst to interested entities

  3. Abide by HPA The Catalyst bylaws, policies, and board resolutions

  4. Serve as an active advocate and ambassador for HPA The Catalyst

  5. Attend meetings/teleconference of Committees of Oversight if requested by Specific Committee chair or as deemed necessary by Director of Operations or other HPA The Catalyst Board Members. 

  6. Maintain confidentiality about all internal matters of HPA The Catalyst. 

Essential Skills Duties:

  1. Establish ongoing communication with Committees of Oversight to facilitate timely dialogue and exchange between HPA The Catalyst Board of Directors and Committees of Oversight

  2. Provide an update report to the Executive Committee on Activities of Committees of Oversight at Executive Committee meetings and/or Board of Directors Meetings as directed

  3. Assign duties to members of the Committees of Oversight as requested by the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors.  

  4. Provide input in discussions pertaining to organization’s financial statements

  5. Assist in securing appropriate financial resources and partnerships necessary for HPA The Catalyst to advance its mission

  6. Identify connections, networks, and resources needed to develop collective action

Non-Skilled Dutues:

  1. Attend all board meetings

  2. Attend annual business meeting of HPA: The Catalyst members in February at Combined Sections Meeting 

  3. Attend Executive Committee monthly conference calls (if applicable) 

  4. Sign an annual conflict-of-interest disclosure and update it during the year if necessary, as well as disclose potential conflicts before meetings and actual conflicts during meetings

    Required Qualification: Member of HPA at least 2 years immediately preceding the election. Commitment to serve a term of 3 years.

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HPA Nominating Committee Member

Term: 3 years

Reports to: Executive Committee

Purpose: Prepares slate of candidates for each vacancy to be filled by election. Solicit nominations for and select recipients of the HPA’s Section awards.

General Description of Job Title:

  1. Nominating committee members serve for no more than one consecutive three (3) year term. One member of the nominating committee is elected annually at the time of other Section elections. The senior committee member serves as chair.

  2. Prepare a slate of two (2) or more candidates for each vacancy to be filled by election.
    Accept nominations for office from the membership.

  3. Publish the slate of candidates and ballot at least thirty (30) days prior to the deadline date for return of the ballot.

  4. Solicit nominations for and select recipients of the Service Award and the R. Charles Harker, Esq. Policy Maker Award.

  5. Recommend nominees for national offices.

  6. Submit to the APTA Nomination Committee the names of individuals recommended by the Section for an APTA office.

  7. Submit to the APTA recommendations for APTA appointed task forces/groups.

  8. Submit to the APTA entries for the Partners in Excellence Awards Program as recommended by the Board of Directors.

  9. Attend Section Board and business meetings at CSM and Annual Conference.

  10. Participate in the strategic planning process.

  11. Update nominating committee policies and procedures annually.

Essential Skilled Duties of the Job Title:

  1. Submit a written report to the membership at the annual and summer business meetings, and to the Board of Directors at the summer, fall and annual BOD meetings.

  2. Prepare a budget for the office and submit to the Treasurer by announced deadlines.
    Submit expense vouchers to the Treasurer within one (1) month of expenditure.
    Submit an annual report to the Vice President.

  3. Submit revisions of the position description and general procedures manual to the Bylaws Committee annually.

  4. Attend CSM, Annual conference and annual strategic planning meeting
    Orient new board successor and forward all appropriate materials within 30 days.

SPECIFIC: Nomination Process & Securing Nominations

  1. Preliminary Activities

    • Obtain a membership roster, and membership revisions from the Membership chair.

    • Maintain a list of prospective candidates for future nominations. Include members who have declined nomination and/or who have not been slated but have expressed an interest in serving the Section at a future date, members of committees, and members demonstrating an interest through any Section activities.

    • Maintain a log of past officers and committee members and their respective terms of office.

    • Keep on file for three years, the biographical information included on completed consent to serve forms.

  2. Nomination Process

    • Verify Section offices to be filled by checking the bylaws and log of officers.

    • Assess eligibility of those completing terms to run for re-election.

    • Encourage nominations from the membership at the summer business meeting for the following year’s elections. Persons making nominations from the floor must obtain a written consent to serve, and present it to the nominating committee at the time of nomination.

    • Solicit nominations for office and for awards from the membership via newsletter, listserv and website.

    • Solicit nominations for vacant offices, by mail or telephone.

    • Obtain a consent to serve form from possible nominees identified by the nominating committee.

    • Send a letter acknowledging receipt of nomination to all nominators.

    • Ensure candidate statements are posted to website.

  3. Preparation of Slate

    • Meet at least twice per year to prepare a slate of two or more names for each vacancy to be filled by election.

    • Review persons recommended for elected office in prior years.

    • The following criteria will be used in preparing the slate:

      • Eligibility to serve: member of the Section for two years

      • Section and Association experience:

        • Attendance at Section meetings and activities

        • Demonstrated understanding of duties and role of office

        • Prior experience in the duties of an office: component activities; work-related activities; other organizations.

        • Understanding of goals or purposes of the Section.

        • Awareness of membership resources.

      • Personal characteristics

      • Decision-making skills

      • Ability to think and express self clearly

      • Perception of future direction of the Section

      • Leadership skills

      • Geographic distribution

        • Location of present officers

        • Location of prospective nominees

    • The following will be secured from all nominees:

      • Curriculum vitae

      • A list of Section and Association activities

      • A brief statement regarding important goals for the Section

      • A statement regarding qualification for the office nominated

    • Presentation of the slate with:

      • The slate, with biographical information for each candidate, will be presented to the membership no later than 30 days prior to election.

      • Election will be by mail ballot only.

    • Mail ballot and voting instructions

      • The slate, candidate information, ballot, and voting instructions will be provided to Section membership by a separate mailing.

      • The above items will be mailed to reach the membership no later than 60 days prior to the Section’s annual meeting at CSM.

      • The return envelopes must have the members mailing label attached to ensure that each member has only one vote.

    • Selection of teller’s committee

      • The chair of the nominating committee selects one Section member to act as chief teller.

      • The chief teller selects another Section member within geographic proximity to assist in telling the votes.

    • Duties of the teller’s committee:

      • Ballots returned after the established deadline, noted on the ballot, shall be void.

      • The return envelopes shall be opened by the tellers, and the votes shall be tallied within 21 days of the deadline for return of ballots.

      • The chief teller shall report the results to the Section membership in the Section newsletter and at the Section’s annual meeting at CSM.

      • All vacancies shall be elected by plurality vote.

    • Post-election follow-up

      • Letters of thanks will be sent to all those slated for office.

      • Nominating Committee work shall be retained for three years.

    • Finance

      • Expense vouchers with receipts shall be submitted quarterly to the treasurer.

      • Expenses are reimbursed up to the budgeted amount.

      • Further expenses require the approval of the Finance committee or the Section Board.

    • Nominations for Association offices and awards

      • The Nominating Committee shall review the offices to be filled at the summer meeting, and solicit nominations from members, to meet the Dec. 1 deadline.

      • The Nominating Committee shall review vacancies on appointed task forces/groups at the summer meeting, and solicit nominations from members, to meet the Dec. 1 deadline.

      • The Nominating Committee shall review Association awards to be made, and encourage members to nominate appropriate candidates.

      • Nominations and support statements for Association offices and awards shall be coordinated with the Section president.

Required Qualifications: Member of HPA at least 2 years immediately preceding the election. Commitment to serve a term of 3 years.

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Global Health SIG Nominating Committee Member

Term: 3 years

Reports to: Global Health SIG Executive Committee

Purpose: Submits a slate of qualified candidates for each GHSIG office and for the Nominating Committee, and selects the Ronnie Leavitt Award recipient.

General Description of Job Title:

  1. The GHSIG Nominating Committee shall identify potential leaders for the GHSIG, and oversee the nomination and election process of GHSIG positions.

  2. The Committee also shall lead the process of the announcing calls for nominations for the Ronnie Leavitt Award, review the nominations, and selecting the award recipient annually.

  3. The GHSIG Nominating Committee is comprised of 3 members, with one elected per year. The member who is in his/her third year serves as the Nominating Committee Chair, and leads the committee in their duties.

Required Qualification: The GHSIG Nominating Committee Chair must be in his/her third year of his/her term on the Nominating Committee. Each Nominating Committee member must be an active APTA member, HPA Section member, and GHSIG member for at least 1 year prior to election. S/he must be able to systematically and objectively evaluate nominations, have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be committed to the mission of the GHSIG. Prior experience in an elected or non-elected GHSIG leadership position is a preferred.

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Tech SIG Nominating Committee Member

Term: 3 years

Reports to: Tech SIG Chair

Purpose: A slate of candidates shall be prepared by this committee for each office of the Tech SIG and for the Nominating Committee.

General Description of Job Title: The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of three (3) members elected by Tech SIG membership.

Essential Skilled Duties of the Job Title:

  1. A slate of candidates shall be prepared by this committee for each office of the Tech SIG and for the Nominating Committee. Only those individuals who have consented in writing to serve may be nominated.

  2. The Nominating Committee will notify candidates of the results.

Non-Skilled Duties of Job Title: Basic computer skills such as email and productivity software (i.e. Microsoft Office)

Required Qualification: Member of HPA at least 2 years immediately preceding the election. Commitment to serve a term of 3 years.

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Global Health SIG Programming Chair

Term: 3 years

Reports to: GHSIG Executive Committee

General Description of Job Title:

  1. The Programming Chair shall plan GHSIG programming for the CSM and other purposes throughout the year; contribute to GHSIG leadership decision-making; and perform any duties delegated by the GHSIG Chair and with Executive Committee approval.
  2. The Programming Chair shall serve as the GHSIG Chair if both the Chair and the Vice Chair are absent or are unable to serve.
  3. The Programming Chair may recruit and supervise other committee members to assist with the duties described below.

Essential Skilled Duties of the Job Title:

  1. Solicits programming proposals in alignment with strategic plan priorities. Collaborate with HPA The Catalyst (HPA) Programming Chair for input regarding submissions that have social responsibility and/or global health as a focus.

  2. Gathers (from HPA Programming Chair) and present programming proposals for approval by the GHSIG Committee. Informs HPA Programming Chair of GHSIG Executive Committee’s decisions regarding CSM programming.

  3. Oversees solicitation and selection of presenters for the annual Global Health Reception at CSM; GHSIG Secretary assists the Programming Chair with review of abstracts.

  4. Seeks opportunities for additional programing at professional venues to include National Student Conclave.

  5. Assists with other GHSIG Executive Committee activities throughout the year, including priority setting and decision-making to guide the evolution of the GHSIG. This includes participating in regular leadership meetings throughout the year, including a face-to-face meeting at CSM and other teleconferencing meetings throughout the year.


Represents the GHSIG when needed, and as able, at other meetings including the HPA
Section Leadership Retreat and the National Student Conclave.

Required Qualification: Member of HPA at least 2 years immediately preceding the election. Commitment to serve a term of 3 years.


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