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Login Instructions & Membership FAQs
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Login Instructions

You must be a current member of HPA The Catalyst (the Section on Health Policy & Administration) of the American Physical Therapy Association in order to access the pages of this website that are restricted to members.

  • Your username is your APTA Member ID number
  • Your password is your last name as it appears in your APTA membership record. Please note that the password is case sensitive. In most cases, you must capitalize the first letter of your last name, but if you have a hyphenated last name or a last name with multiple words, you'll need to use the same capitalization that appears on your membership card. [Examples: Smith, van Pelt, Smith-Jones]

Resetting your password is temporary. Because membership records are updated weekly through a data upload of information from APTA, your password will ALWAYS revert back to the above protocol after the upload.

Membership FAQs

Q: I just joined HPA The Catalyst (two minutes ago, two days ago, a week ago), why doesn’t my Login work?

A: First, make sure you are following the login protocol for the HPA website (see the login instructions above).

APTA and HPA are entirely separate organizations. Our websites are not connected. APTA must process your membership and add you to the Section. This process may take 2-7 days, depending upon your current APTA membership status. If you are a brand new APTA member, the process often takes longer in order to verify your eligibility. HPA updates its membership records every week with new data from APTA.

If you are a new member who needs urgent access to HPA member resources, please contact us.

The above information is also relevant if you have recently renewed your APTA membership after a lapse.

Q: Why can’t I reset my password? I’ve tried to change it a million times.

A: Because HPA is a component of a national organization (APTA), but is also a separate entity, there’s a unique protocol for our membership data, which comes from APTA. APTA records over-write our records every week in order to ensure that we have the most current information for members and to ensure that you only need to update it one place (your APTA profile). This saves you time in the long run, but for now, it means that the login protocol for members on our website is static. You can reset your password temporarily, but when we next update our records, it’s going to default back to the static protocol.

Q: Why doesn’t my APTA login work here?

A: HPA and APTA are separate organizations. Our websites aren’t connected. HPA doesn’t have access to your APTA login.

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